Toy Safety During the Holidays

Published: 12/19/14
The holidays are a time of joy, especially for young children. The excitement on their faces when they receive an unexpected gift can be a rewarding sight. Unfortunately, there are companies who create products that could turn that surprise into a painful accident.
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Animal Attack Claims and Lawsuits

Published: 11/12/14
Most household animals, including dogs and cats, are trained, well groomed and friendly. But unfortunately, there are some animals that cannot successfully interact with humans and every year several thousands of people, including children are injured in attacks by these types of animals.
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About South Dakota’s Comparative Fault Insurance System

Published: 10/07/14
The S.D. Department of Public Safety states in their annual Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Summary that there were 16,620 motor vehicle accidents reported in 2013. Unfortunately, the heartache, injury or even loss that results from a car accident...
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The Basics of Personal Injury Law

Published: 08/20/14
Personal injury cases can arise from a variety of situations, yet the basic components that structure many personal injury cases develop in a similar manner.
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Mitigating Flood Danger & Damages

Published: 07/11/14
The month of June brought record rainfall to Sioux Falls, with the region getting more than 10 inches above the average amount. All of that extra water caused problems for many homeowners when it seeped into basements, caused sewer backup, and burst pipes.
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Social Media and Litigation: An Evolving Combination

Published: 06/18/14
Social media has found its way into cases involving employment, divorce, custody, intellectual property, and personal injury. What are the far-reaching implications of including these types of communications in trial?
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Sharing the Road: Drive Safe, Bike Safe

Published: 05/14/14
When it comes to sharing the road with bicyclists, safety is a two-way street. Unfortunately, many bicycle accidents occur as a result of the negligent actions of motorists. If you’re a bicyclist who has been injured in a traffic accident, it’s important to know that you have rights.
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Farm Accidents: Prevention & Legal Rights

Published: 04/29/14
Agriculture remains one of the top ten most dangerous industries in the country, with thousands of occupational injuries and illnesses occurring each year.
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Russ Janklow Named to NAOPIA Top 10 Personal Injury Attorneys in South Dakota

Published: 03/25/14
The National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys (NAOPIA) has awarded Russ Janklow the Top 10 Attorney Award for 2013. This prestigious honor recognizes Russ as one of the best personal injury attorneys in the country.
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Fair Compensation for Personal Injuries Following Auto Accidents

Published: 02/05/14
Deciphering the events that occurred during an auto-accident, especially who’s at fault, is not always a straightforward process. Following an accident, emotions often run high for all parties involved, making it difficult to determine what exactly happened. How do you know who was at fault, legally? How do you determine if you, or others involved in the car accident have a personal injury case? How do you ensure you will be fairly treated and compensated?
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